Our contributions

Although the main objective of Moros d’Alquería since its foundation has been to enhance the memory of our Arab past with participation in the Pregó Parade and in different acts of the fiestas of the Magdalena de Castellón, the Foundation has covered other areas of action and has made important contributions for the benefit of society as a whole. These are some of the most important ones:

From 1984, Moros d’Alquería pays a double tribute to the streets of the center of Castellón. On the one hand, through labeling them with artistic ceramic tiles. The initiative was well received, to the point that the City decided to continue with the renewed tradition. On the other hand, with publications on the history of streets like Morería, Vera, Pescadores, Mayor, Fola, Cazadpres etc. Again, the society embraced the initiative with open arms, especially students and historians, since the publications served to unify historical sources which had been scattered until then.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, in 1986 members of Moros d’Alquería organized the II Congress of the Magdalena Festivities. The Congress debated on the past, the present and the future of the local festivities. The conclusions were used, two years later, to change the structure of the Festivities of the Magdalena and give a new impetus to the festivities with the creation of the Municipal Festival Foundation.

Integrated today in the Festival of Animation and Music of Magdalena (FAMM!), This festive music festival has become one of the central events of the local festivities. The festival, fully consolidated in festive programming, was born in 1989 on the initiative of Moros d’Alquería, who also collaborated in its organization for some years. This festival has allowed local people to know a part of the culture of countries like Mexico, Japan, the United States, England, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and a long etcetera through music.

Besides its contribution to the history of the streets of Castellón, Moros d’Alquería has promoted different publications, whether literary or musical, throughout its history. In 2001 the association published the book of its 25th anniversary, contributing to the historiography of the Fiestas de la magdalena. In addition and on the occasion of its 30 anniversary, Moros d’Alquería published a quadruple CD with moor and Christian marches as well as pasodobles.