Moros d’Alqueria Awards

It was in 2010 that Moros d’Alquería decided to redouble its commitment to the society of Castellon through the Moros d’Alquería Awards. These new awards, which replace the historic Moro de l’Any honour, have a double objective: on the one hand, to reward the effort and the trajectory of students in the areas of gastronomy and music and to boost their careers. On the other hand, the awards aim to recognize the importance and value of internationally renowned  festivals and events. To achieve these objectives, Moros d’Alquería present the following three awards annually:

Awarded to a student of the Escuela de Hostelería (School of Hospitality) of Castellón and also includes a scholarship of 3,000 euros so that the student can continue with their training.

To a student of the Conservatorio Superior de Música Salvador Seguí (College of Music) of Castellón. Likewise, it implies a scholarship of 3,000 euros as a complement their training.

In collaboration with the City Council of Castellón, this award recognizes those festivals, events or festivities that are world-renowned and with a long trajectory that is worth awarding.


Since the creation of these awards, Moros d’Alquería has had the complicity of the Foundation Balaguer Gonel Hermanos, which annually has contributed 6,000 euros in scholarships that have allowed young people from Castellón to complete their studies in some of the best restaurants in the country or in internationally-renowned musical groups, bands and orchestras. Since the year 2015, the Moros d’Alquería Foundation itself has granted the scholarships for the awards.

List of winners

2010 – Carnival of Venice (Italy)

2011 – Oktoberfest of Munich (Germany)

2012 – Carnival of Barranquilla (Colombia)

2013 – Sanfermines of Pamplona (Spain)

2014 – Moors and Christian festival from Alcoy (Spain)

2015 – Carnival from Nice (France)

2016 – Viatgem Medieval of Santa María da Feira (Portugal)

2017 – Notting Hill Carnival (United Kingdom)

2010 – Àlex Carlos Noya

2011 – María Cano

2012 – Cati Villaplana

2013 – Carlos Monsonís

2014 – Didac Català

2015 – Josep Batalla

2016 – Javier Arsís

2017 – Víctor Aliaga

2010 – Vicent Campos

2011 – Lara Vercher

2012 – David Moliner

2013 – Adrián Miralles

2014 – José Real

2015 – Inés Andreu

2016 – Adrián Martínez

2017 – Manuel Melchor